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Complete a health declaration form online no earlier than 72 hrs. or later than 48 hrs. before departure.
Present your negative COVID test results and health declaration form upon arrival.

  • two goats

    Take A Trip to Aletta's Goat Farm

    July 23

    Almost everything in Bonaire is centered around the ocean. We love the sea and everything it has to offer, but sustainability and conservation should not stop at the water’s edge—it's important to practice it on the island as well.

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  • a photo of the ocean and palm trees

    Welcome Back Home, Safe and Sound

    June 29

    It’s no secret that a beautiful refuge from our everyday life is something we’ve all been craving during this time. That’s why we’re so very excited to welcome you back to our exclusive oasis above the sea, as Harbour Village’s remote location allows for a safe, uncrowded getaway.

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  • Friends on a Catamaran

    BOA-s-T About Your Trip to Bonaire

    April 06

    When we think of vacation mode, our mind automatically goes to warm sunny days and relaxing by the ocean. Touring Bonaire by boat has to be one of the best ways to experience the island life.

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  • Couple snorkeling

    1000 Reasons to Visit Bonaire, Just 67 Steps to Paradise

    March 02

    There are 1000 reasons to visit Bonaire, but only 67 steps to one of the world's best diving spots. From the road to the ocean, it's just a mere 67 steps away, with a world of possibilities.

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  • Woman with confetti

    Shake Your Bum in Bonaire

    February 03

    It’s carnival time in Bonaire, and it is not a month to be missed! Carnival is one of the most anticipated parties on the island. 

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  • Girl in front of boat

    Eco-Friendly Practices Make Perfect

    January 06

    In the year 2020, Harbour Village Bonaire vowes to remain loyal to the sustainability practices that we have been committed to in the last decade.

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  • Coral being grown on trees in an effort to restore coral reefs off Bonaire

    We Sea the Difference You Make in Our Oceans

    December 01

    As we prepare for a new year in Bonaire, we think that it is important to also recognize new life and the people that help make it possible before 2019 comes to a close.

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  • shutterstock_405064486

    Holiday Hop Your Way down to Bonaire

    November 04

    The holidays are en-route to the ABC Islands, and we suggest you buckle up and prepare for a winter season full of fun! It’s true that the holidays really sneak up on you, but we propose you plan a trip down south for a brand new holiday tradition.

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  • shutterstock_1408574957

    You Gotta Regatta in Bonaire

    October 01

    Bonaire is gearing up for this year's Regatta Festival that is just days away. Each October, the island is lined with people cheering on the local competition for the annual sailboat races.

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  • shutterstock_144760426

    Shell-abrate New Life on Bonaire

    September 02

    Turtle season in Bonaire stretches from the months of April to December, making it the perfect time for turtle enthusiasts to visit the island. In the ABC Islands, three different types of turtles call our shore home: The Loggerhead Turtles, Green Turtles, and the Hawksbill Turtles.

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  • shutterstock_752701432

    I Love You Man... groves!

    August 05

    If you are traveling to Bonaire, you should already know that we are all about the sea. However, there is a lot more that goes into the ecology of ocean health than just the sand, water, fish and coral reefs.

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  • shutterstock_581641006

    Check out Bonaire's Beauty Above the Surface

    July 01

    Bonaire has a reputation for taking things below sea level—our reefs and sea life have made that quite clear. With so many amazing things to see in the ocean surrounding the island, it's easy to forget just how beautiful and culturally rich Bonaire is, just a swim away.

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  • lionfish 2

    Go Below the Surface to Bonaire's Alice in Wonderland

    June 03

    Bonaire is full of surprises, much like the tale of Alice in Wonderland. Although this book may strike a chord with many adventurists, Bonaire’s aquatic world is a real-life example of how things below the surface are not always as they seem.

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  • girl in hammock on beach

    Begin Your Bonaire Vacation the Right Way

    May 06

    Summer is approaching quickly and if there is one thing we know about tropical vacations, it's that Harbour Village Bonaire does them the right way.

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  • Flamingos in the Salt Pans

    Bonaire Has a Little Bit of a Salty History

    April 01

    Did you know that Bonaire produces over 300,000 metric tons of salt every single year? Bonaire has a long history with the salt pans that encompass the south side of our island.

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  • woman holding seashells

    In Bonaire We Care

    March 04

    Here in Bonaire, sustainable living is a way of life. We love our little plot of earth with our entire hearts and we have made a huge initiative to preserve the beauty of the island.

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  • flamingosinbonaire

    Go Beyond the Sand in Bonaire

    February 04

    Becoming one with nature is very special while visiting Bonaire. We are slightly off the beaten path, which makes our country extremely enjoyable for those with a sense of adventure.

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  • tarponfishbonaire

    Big Game Fish Are a Ticket Item in Bonaire

    January 07

    Fishing in the ABC Islands is great all year round, but it is particularly plentiful in the winter months. Big game fish such as blue marlin, white marlins, wahoo, and sailfish all flock to this region when the temperatures drop up north.

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  • shoppingareabonaire

    Pick up Your Last Minute Holiday Items in Bonaire

    December 03

    Need a last-minute Christmas gift before the holiday ensues? We all know a few holiday shoppers that procrastinate a bit, but that’s no problem in Bonaire.

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