Cheer On Bonaire's 50th Annual Sailing Regatta

October 01, 2018

October is here, and if you’ve visited Bonaire before, you know what that means... It's time for the 50th Annual Sailing Regatta! Each year, sailors from around the world flock to our little piece of paradise to compete for the title of the best sailor. Sailing regattas are fun for the whole family and each event is bracketed by age, with the youngest competitors beginning at age 5. 

A sailing regatta is just this, a course is outlined along the coast for sailboats. The sailboats then proceed to show their skill by masterfully weaving in and out of the course. Each year is full of smiling faces, great food, music, and fun after parties. This is an event that we look forward to all year long, so be sure to join in on this 50-year-old tradition if your trip to Bonaire coincides with this exciting event. This is a special maritime occasion unlike any other! 

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