Hurl Your Holiday Plans and Head to Bonaire

November 05, 2018

We can’t believe that November is here, which means all the holidays are right around the corner. If you haven’t meticulously planned out your holiday season yet, consider spending some of it here in Bonaire. Let us show you how to plan your holiday, island getaway in three simple steps. 

1. First things first, give us a call and make all the arrangements over the phone or online. We can do it all, from the day of holiday excursions to private family dinners with the entire family.

2. Set two, pack a bathing suit and prepare for the warm sun of the Caribbean to welcome you upon landing in Bonaire.

3. Step three, board your flight and relax all the way until the minute you leave our little piece of paradise. Enjoy your trip as you spend uninterrupted time with the people that make the holiday season so special in the first place.

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