Discover Bonaire


A small, sunny island in the southern Dutch Caribbean, Bonaire is located 30 miles east of Curacao and 86 miles east of Aruba. Although it’s the second largest of the "A-B-C" islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), it’s the least populated, creating an island oasis that never feels crowded.

Bonaire is renowned for its excellent scuba diving and snorkeling. Its coral reef is a national park designated by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration as having not only the Caribbean’s most pristine reef environment but also the most species of fish. Incredibly, it sits just a few feet from the coastline, making first-class dive sites remarkably accessible. Above the surface, visitors can take their pick of watersports, including fishing, sailing, world-class windsurfing and kayaking the island’s mangrove system. Birdwatching, hiking, caving and rope climbing Bonaire’s limestone walls are popular, land-based experiences.

And when it comes to weather, Bonaire wins big again. Thanks to its location outside the hurricane belt, the island enjoys beautiful weather year-round. Average temps of 82°F, very little rainfall, and warm easterly trade winds create an experience that ensures first-time visitors become lifelong friends.

Getting To Bonaire

From North America:

Delta Airlines, Non-Stop Jet service Atlanta to Bonaire  on Saturday and Sunday and seasonal on Tuesdays from Dec.26th 2017 thru Jan 2nd 2018. United Airlines, Non-Stop Jet Service from Houston - Bonaire on Saturday with Sunday return Bonaire-Atlanta. Also Available, flights Newark-Bonaire all year round except from Aug19th thru Oct 28th. American Airlines, offers Non-Stop jet service Curacao from Miami and Charlotte, which requires connecting flights from Curacao to Bonaire with  Insel Air or Divi Divi Air. Jet Blue, Offers Non-Stop Jet Service JFK-Curacao on Tuesday and Saturday, which requires to book connecting flights from Curacao to Bonaire with the regional airlines, Insel Air or Divi Divi Air inter Island air taxi.

From Europe:

KLM provides Non-Stop service Amsterdam to Bonaire on their Aurbus A330. KLM is operating multiple round trips to Bonaire with extra flights before and after Christmas season. TUI Airlines offers their 787 Dreamliner servicing daily Amsterdam-Bonaire. Air Berlin provides non-stop service from Dusseldorf to Curacao. Non-stop flight time from Amsterdam is approximately nine hours.

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