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Flamingos in the Salt Pans

Bonaire as a Little Bit of a Salty History

April 01, 2019

Did you know that Bonaire produces over 300,000 metric tons of salt every single year? Bonaire has a long history with the salt pans that encompass the south side of our island. When the Dutch took over, it was clear they were here strictly for business. This salty business enslaved locals to produce and harvest salt for the Dutch. But as slavery was abolished in 1863, it quickly became a good source of economic value to the community. We now cherish the salt pans because not only do they help us stay involved in the global economy, but because they are also home to our Flamingo Reserve, and some pretty spectacular views! Stay until sunset to catch a peak of the magical lake that is lined with the gigantic salt mounds. The lake turns from iridescent to bright pink in a matter of hours and is simply a sight that every tourist must see! 

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