Do You Know Your ABC's?

March 05, 2018

It is easy for us to say that Bonaire is a shining gem in a sea of jewels among the Caribbean, but did you know that we are part of a cluster of islands known as the ABC Islands. We are included in the tiny pieces of Dutch paradise that sit just about thirty miles from the Venezuelan coastline. The A stands for Aruba, a standout island full of great nightlife and friendly people. B of course is us, Bonaire, a hideaway island known for our eco-tourism and great diving. And last but not least is C Curaçao, the largest of the three and closest to our European roots. The best part about these sun-kissed islands is the beautiful weather all yea-round, and luckily we are just out of reach for any hurricanes that our other Caribbean neighbors may encounter, which makes the ABC islands a perfect destination all year long!

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