Farming Sustainability on the Island

July 10, 2018

Almost everything in Bonaire is centered around the ocean — you know we love the sea and everything it has to offer. But sustainability and conservation does not stop on the water, it's important to bring it back to the island too. A cool way to learn more about sustainability on land, is by checking out Aletta’s Goatfarm one of Bonaire’s best kept secrets. 

Aletta has been running her sustainable goat farm for over a decade and makes some of the best goat milk products in town. She is so passionate about her farm that she has created daily tours to be able to show others what she is up to. Learn about the very different world of goat farming and be sure to try the fresh goat cheese that is made daily at their Tastery. There is nothing better than sweet baby goats and a renewable farm concept! 

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