Living Through La Balandra

May 01, 2017

The island makes the food, but it is the food that makes the island. In order to understand the soil that you are standing in, you must be immersed in its food culture. Cuisine can say a lot about a place — sometimes it says so much that words are no longer necessary. La Balandra has become the words for Harbour Village — it speaks volumes to the values of the island and our resort. Each dish is carefully crafted and presented with patience; we take pride in serving our guests an exceptional meal every time. Through our ingredients you can see a story unfold before your eyes. Because of the islands unique positioning its finger has been dipped in many different pots, starting in South America and traveling all the way to Europe. The flare of La Balandra may have been born in the Caribbean, but this dazzling spot is not confined by it.

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