See the Sea from Anywhere

August 07, 2017

We truly hate to brag, but it must be obvious by now, that the water surrounding Harbour Village Bonaire contains some of the clearest, most beautiful hues of the sea. We love that each day we are able to greet this pristine piece of ocean on our way to the office. One of the best parts about sharing the coastline with the underwater world is the sneak peak access we have created for people all over the world to see! 

We are talking about underwater cameras — Harbour Village partnered with Teen4Oceans and the Gulliver Schools of Miami to create a 24/7 research center that can be easily accessed from any computer. The live underwater cameras not only provide photos and video but also the ocean temperature, pH level, and even the salinity of the water. The love we have for our backyard is serious — we take pride in the health of our oceans and we hope we can share that with you and many future generations to follow! 

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