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How to Get to Bonaire

A small, sunny island in the southern Dutch Caribbean, Bonaire is located 30 miles east of Curacao and 86 miles east of Aruba. Average temps of 82°F, very little rainfall, and warm easterly trade winds create an experience that ensures first-time visitors become lifelong friends.


It's never been easier to get to paradise! With travel restrictions lifted, you can enjoy our secluded getaway with low-rise guest accommodations, alfresco dining, plenty of outdoor activities and private experiences.

From North America

American Airlines

Currently flying nonstop from Miami on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday through April.

In June and July, flying nonstop from Miami on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Delta Airlines

Currently flying nonstop from Atlanta on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday through April 6th.

United Airlines

Offering nonstop flights from Newark on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday through April.

Currently flying nonstop from Houston weekly on Saturday with a Sunday return.


Offering nonstop flights from Toronto, Canada weekly on Tuesday through mid-April 2024.

*We encourage you to check with your airline for specific requirements before departure.

From North Europe


Currently flying direct daily.

TUI Airlines

Currently flying direct daily. 

Entry Tax

Bonaire's new Visitor Entry Tax is a replacement of what was formerly known as the island's 'room tax' and rental 'car tax.' Non-residents 13 years and older are required to pay the Visitor Entry Tax of USD 75 per person per visit. Non- residents 12 years and under, and residents of the former Netherlands Antilles are required to pay the Visitor Entry Tax of USD 10 per person per visit. 

For more information and to purchase your entry tax please visit the website.